Plumage live

Un article de Enigmes.

Plumage live est l'extension des fonctions de Plumage à une utilisation en temps-réel, p.ex. par le projet de musique improvisée theconcatenator.

  • Exemples vidéo d'une performance au Cube, Issy-les-Moulineaux, 7.12.2008:

part 1, part 2, part 3


Current live version

Camera numbers

  1. user
  2. top
  3. mobile1
  4. mobile2
  5. mobile3
  6. path camera

Changes for live version

Camera control

  • remote control of views
 /select_camera <camera number>
  • control camera orientation (angles relative to path)
 /rotate_camera <camera number> <angle in degrees>
  • control camera position (relative to view angle)
 /move_camera <camera number> <x = left/right> <y = up/down> <z = front/back>


  • feedback for activated units
    • dilatation
 /trigger_in_feather <plume number> <speed, normal = 0.01>
 /trigger_out_feather <plume number> <speed>
    • highlighting: feathers created dimmed by factor #dim
 /highlight_Plume <plume number> 
 /unhighlight_Plume <plume number> 
  • delete plume
 /remove_Plume <plume number> 


  • credits screen! as bitmap (or with plumes?):
    • activate by
  /showcredits <true|false>
    • text:
 Visualisation Plumage by
   Roland Cahen (ENSCI), 
   Christian Jacquemin (LIMSI-CNRS), 
   Rami Ajaj (LIMSI-CNRS), 
 initially designed within the Enigmes project by 
   Yoann Olivier (ENSCI) 
 Interactive graphics made in Virtual Choreographer [http ://]

TODO and Ideas

  • animate changes in plume positions
    • e.g. /plume_move <same args as /plume_param>
  • path from corpus traversal

Fixed bugs

  • black hole
  • plume orientation angle
  • MacOSX key codes for full screen
  • change background bitmap (png, size power of 2) (see VirChor help forum)