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impact crusher history

1. Commonly used in the top-five broken machinery, and counter Breakers hammer crusher belong mainly to the impact of brittle materials to broken machines, so often referred to as impact crusher. The impact crusher with a compression-based breakers, such as the jaw, Park and roller cone crusher machines than have the following characteristics:

A. Broken than big. The impact crusher broken than can be achieved 50 more, with jaw, Park cone and roll crusher difficult to over 20. Therefore, the need for single-paragraph broken occasions, such as the cement industry limestone crusher, the impact crusher use is widespread.

B. Products particles good. Under the impact, was broken along its materials are often the most vulnerable level fragmentation, this selective broken, its particle morphology was the probability of higher cube, it shocks Breakers needle products can be low in percentage Flake at 10%, and jaw, Park and roller-cone machine products such as broken needles Flake percentage level is higher than 15 percent. Therefore, in need cube particles occasions. For example, the non-slippery highway pavement, usually impact crusher used as a final break equipment, the production of concrete aggregate.

These characteristics, the impact crusher in numerous broken machinery occupy important positions.

2 However, due to the impact crusher principle is broken by the impact of materials, their anti pieces, such as: hammer, hammer plate, plate counterattack, in use and wear very quickly. This shortcoming, in a considerable long period of time, the impact crusher limit the scope of application. Hard materials can only be used in the crusher. In the early 1950s, with the application of new wear-resistant materials, the German company first introduced KHD Hard Rock impact crusher, breaking the limitations of this type, improved version of this model is still in production.

重型锤式破碎机是吸收锤式破碎机和反击式破碎机两种破碎机的优点,经优化设计后推出的新一代产品本系列产品是吸收锤式破碎机和反击式破碎机两种破碎机的优点,经优化设计后推出的新一代产品,具有以下十大优点: 1,进料口大,破碎腔高,适应物料硬度高、块度大,产品石粉少。 2,物料悬空,破碎功耗小。 3,新颖锤头,冲击力大。 4,锤轴安装可调,锤头寿命长。 5,栅格尺寸可调,产品粒度可控,颗粒形状好。 6,机箱可翻转,检修更方便。 7,方柄螺栓,抗冲击、抗磨损。 8,结构紧凑,机器刚性强。 9,拼体结构,搬运、安装方便。 10,冲击、反击、撞击(石打石)破碎功能全,生产效率高,机件磨耗小,综合效益显著。